Tuesday, 10 August 2010

CT Scan 64-Slice

CT Scan 64-Slice is new technology of CT Scan. Computed Tomography (CT) scan refers to the newest generation in CT scan technology. The 64 "slices"  refer to the number of detectors that are present on a CT scanner.  While original computed tomography scanners used only one detector to pick up information, Multi-Detector Computed Tomography (MDCT) uses multiple detectors to create images of the body. This technology increases both "spatial" and "temporal" resolution, which means that we can create more detailed images in a shorter amount of time.

CT Scan 64-Slice Machine

Abnormalities in the body is able detected such as the impact of stroke, head injury, broken bones, tumors, abscess or other abnormalities. CT Scan 64 can check the blood vessels (especially coronary heart disease), colon, brain and bone in detail, with a 3D view. On examination of the colon can be displayed in the intestinal tract and walls as well as detailed examination of endoscopy. This technology can also conduct examinations and brain perfusion body perfusion. This is very suitable for screening and early detection of coronary artery gastrointestinal malignancies.

Work of CT Scan 64
During a computed tomography (CT) scan, the scanner rotates around the patient and takes a large number of x-ray images.  These x-ray images are then sent to a computer for processing.  Because the x-ray images are taken from a variety of angles, the computer is able to put them together and create a 3-dimensional image of the patient.  Unlike a traditional "x-ray," which is taken in only 2-dimensions, this allows the physician to look at the arteries and other organs in the body from essentially any direction, which is extremely valuable in the diagnosis of disease.

CT Scan 64 Result for Heart

CT Scan  64 Result for Neck Bone

CT Scan 64 Result forKnee Bone

Risk of CT Scan 64
The primary risks of CT Scan 64 scans include radiation exposure and problems with contrast agents.  Computed tomography, and all x-ray technologies, use radiation to create an image. The risk of radiation is relatively low, but radiation may lead to cancer.  Therefore, a CT Scan 64 scan should only be completed if there is a good medical reason for the scan.  Radiation is especially harmful to an unborn child, and pregnant women should not have a CT scan due to this risk.

Cost of CT Scan 64
The average cost of a CT Scan 64 for heart scan ranges from $750 to $1500.  This is the price that you might pay if you were to walk into a Heart Scan Center without any insurance benefits.

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