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Cancer Symptoms

Cancer is a disease that can cause almost any signs or symptoms. The signs and symptoms will depend on where the cancer, how big it was, and how much influence the organ or tissue nearby. If the cancer has spread (metastasized), symptoms can appear in various parts of the body.

Virus cancer. 

Cancer can also cause symptoms such as fever, extreme tiredness (fatigue), or lose weight. This may be because cancer cells spending a lot of the body's energy supply, or they can release substances that change the way the body makes energy from food. Or cancer can cause the immune system to react in ways that produce these symptoms.

Sometimes, cancer cells release substances into the bloodstream that cause symptoms not usually associated with cancer. For example pancreatic cancer, can release substances that cause blood clots in leg veins. Then lung cancer, may make the hormone like substances that increase blood calcium levels. This will affect the nerves and muscles, also makes people feel weak and headache.

Some common symptoms of cancer are as follows :
-Drastic weight loss because no apparent reason, lost appetite, or fatigue.
-Abnormal swelling in the neck, under arms, or anywhere on the body.
-Coughing long enough even with blood.
-The wound that never healed in the mouth.
-Excessive bleeding during menstruation is not normal.
-Abdominal bloating or bleeding of the rectum.
-Urine or faeces, accompanied by blood.
-It is hard to swallow.

Early symptoms of brain cancer that you should be aware of :
- headache accompanied by nausea and vomiting.- impairment of consciousness or behavioral changes
- trouble walking / body balance
- weak or spastic limbs
- the power of vision is reduced
- hearing loss
- trouble speaking
- neurological disorders
- the baby's fontanel usually large protruding.

Common symptoms of breast cancer are :
1. Lump
Lump in the breast can be caused by various diseases, but most are benign lumps. Can also be solid lumps (fibroadenomas / FAM, lipoma, etc.) or filled with fluid (cyst). For a benign lump, do not actually need any treatment. If the lump feels disruptive or continues to enlarge, or the lifting operation can be done if a lump filled with fluid suction.
2. Painful
Pain can also arise if there are lumps, infection, or cancer of the breast. However, breast cancer rarely cause pain. Pain in the breasts often lose their own without needing any treatment. If the pain is felt disturbing, it can use medicines such as paracetamol pain reduction. For pain in the breast occurred in a long time (over 1 month) or can not be lost with a reduction of pain medication, should consult with doctor.
3. Fluid Exit
Actual fluid exit from the breast is normal (after childbirth) because the breasts are glands that secrete fluid that is known as breast milk. If the fluid mixed with blood, which is usually caused by benign tumors in the breast gland or breast cancer. Greenish liquid that is usually caused by benign lumps. While liquids & smelling pus caused by infection in the breast. If there's fluid from the breast that look abnormal but outside the period of breastfeeding and a prolonged period, or the liquid is not abnormal, immediately consult a physician can be treated according to their subscription to the cause. Women who have experienced menopause &  discharge is not normal and should consult with a physician.
4. Changes in skin color.
Skin color changes in the breast.
5. The heat / fire.
Breast feels hot, with no apparent reason.
6. Changes in shape / size.
Change shape or size out of the ordinary.
7. Putting caved inward.
8. Appears lump in the armpit.

Remember, the list above is only a symptom. Although you may experience one or more of the above symptoms, you may not have cancer. To make sure, you should be examined immediately by a doctor, followed by further examination by laboratory, such as USG, CT scan, or radiology, etc. Always keep your health.

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