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10 Trigger of Diabetes

Below are 10 Triggers of Diabetes :

1. Smoking.
A study in the United States involving approximately 4.500 volunteer men and women found that active smokers the risk of diabetes increased by 22 percent. It added that not only increase the risk caused by smoking, but the combination of different lifestyle or an unhealthy lifestyle, like diet and exercise. 
Cigarette substitute : sugar-free candies.

 No Smoking.

2.Soft Drink.
From research on approximately 51,000 women aged 20-45 years, found that increased consumption of soft drinks make weight and the risk of diabetes soared. The researchers said the increase in risk occurs because the contents were a sweetener in soft drinks. Furthermore, liquid calories do not make us full, so the incentive to drink more.
Soft drink substitute : white water,  soft drink zero sugar.

 Soft drink.

3. Sweet Tea.
The high intake of sugar causes blood sugar levels increasing. Yet the risk of excess calories. One cup of sweet tea contains approximately 250-300 calories. Caloric needs of an average adult female is 1900 calories per day. Of course we have sweet tea can be 1000-1200 calories. Not yet added three meals of rice and side dishes. Should be suspected if every day we are excess calories. End: obesity and diabetes. 
Sweet tea substitute : white water, tea without sugar, or tea with low calorie sugar.
  Sweet tea.

4. Fried.
Fried is one of high risk factors trigger degenerative diseases, like cardiovascular, diabetes mellitus, and stroke. The main cause of cardiovascular disease (PKV) is the blockage of coronary arteries, with one of the main risk factor was dyslipidemia. Dyslipidemia is a disorder of lipid metabolism characterized by elevated levels of total cholesterol, LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides, and lower HDL (good cholesterol) in blood. Increasing the proportion of dyslipidemia in the community caused by the habit of eating a variety of foods low in fiber and high in fat, including fried.  
Fried substitute : fresh fruit.

Fried food.

5. Snack.
Snack can increasing obesity and diabetes. It is not yet full, belly filled with a piece or two pieces of biscuits and snacks like potato chips. In fact, biscuits, potato chips, and other sweet pastries contain high carbohydrate contents and without adequate food. All the food is classified in foods with high glycemic index. Meanwhile, sugar and starch contained in them has a role in raising blood sugar levels. 
Snack substitute : fresh fruit.


6. Contraceptive Pill.
Most of the contraceptive pill is made from a combination of estrogen and progestin, or progestin alone. Combination pills often cause changes in blood sugar levels. Work hormonal contraceptive pills work against insulin, because insulin work unopposed, the pancreas was forced to work harder to produce insulin. If left too long, the pancreas becomes exhausted and is not functioning properly. 
Solution : Limit the time the use of hormonal pills, no more than five years.  

Contraceptive pill.

7. Stress.
When stress comes, the body will increase production of the hormones epinephrine and cortisol blood sugar to rise and there are reserves of energy to move. Our bodies are designed to be the best of intentions. However, if high blood sugar continues triggered by prolonged stress with no way out, might as well commit suicide slowly. 
Solution : avoid stress, live with enjoy.

Stress people.

8. Lazy Physical Activity. 
World Health Organization (WHO) says diabetes cases in Asian countries will increase to 90 percent within 20 years into the future. "In 10 years, the number of diabetics in Hanoi, Vietnam doubled. Why? In this city, people prefer to ride motorcycles than bicycles, "said Dr Gauden GALEA, WHO Advisor for Non Communicable Diseases in the Western Pacific Region.In conclusion, those with little physical activity have a higher risk of obesity than those who diligently biking, walking, or other activities. 
Solution : more activity, take sport.

9. Lack of Sleep. 
If the quality of sleep is not obtained, the metabolism so disturbed. Research experts from the University of Chicago reveal, lack of sleep for three days resulted in the body's ability to process glucose declined rapidly. That is, the risk of diabetes increases. Sleep deprivation may also stimulate the blood like hormones that trigger appetite. Driven as hunger, sleep disorders triggered eating high-calorie foods that make blood sugar levels to rise. 
Solution: Sleep is not less than six hours a day, or should be eight hours a day. 

 Hardworker, lack of sleep.

10. Fear of The Sun.
Sun can make dark skin, but light of sun on the morning is very good for body. According to the journal Diabetes Care, women with high intake of vitamin D and calcium, the lowest risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Apart from food, the best source of vitamin D in sunlight. Twenty minutes exposure to sunlight in the morning had sufficient vitamin D for three days. Several recent studies, among which is published by the American Journal of Epidemiology, suggests that vitamin D also helps order metabolism of the body, including blood sugar. 
Solution : Use a sunscreen cream before "bask" in the sun in the morning for 10-15 minutes.


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